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This clip is from Woody Allen's film "Manhattan", which I watched last night. It's nowhere near as deep and existential as "Love & Death" but it's still very charming and good for a laugh. Funny that Allen should provide his opinion as to why life is worth living. I've been sitting on a series of posts which deals with pretty much the same topic. And my delay in posting the thing, is because I don't know whether I think life is worth living or not.

Though I'm not convinced by Woody Allen's list, the fact that none of us asks to be born must certainly warrant consideration. And then the question becomes not, is life worth living, but, finding ourselves alive, is it better to commit suicide or continue living? And I think I'll only be able to answer that question on my death-bed (and depending on whether the intervening years/months/days/hours are filled with happiness or sadness, the answer will probably be different).

Anyway, I wish I had a friend like Woody. A pain shared is a pain halved (so I'm told - though I've yet to empirically test it). ;)

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