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Bad Psychics!

Here's something that might make you laugh (or cringe). The clip, posted on BadPsychics.com, is from a BBC show that I briefly appeared on, on Wednesday night. Called Nolan Live, I was supposed to be providing a sceptical opinion on the mediumship skills of Derek Acorah.

Unfortunately, it didn't quite go to plan, I got a bit flustered, and apparently the worst thing you can do on live TV is call heaven a load of rubbish and christianity a cult! All in all, it was a complete waste of time, and made me realise that the wider world just isn't going to change in my lifetime. People just don't want to hear that mediums are either deluded fools or charlatans, that there is no god or afterlife, and that everything is pointless.

This is why I gave up parapsychology and still believe discourse with believers is pointless! Good for a giggle though?...

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