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One Year Old

Today is the first anniversary of this blog. When I first set it up, I hadn't intended to start blogging - I just wanted a place for people to leave comments on my story/essay 'Happiness in the Belly of the Space Whale' - which I wrote after my epiphany about evolution and the meaning of life. It's still a pretty good read and it's interesting that my opinion has little changed over that time (even if my existential angst is less apparent in it). An extract:

You are not made by god, or intelligence. You were the product of natural selection, a descendant of the organisms that were able to survive and reproduce...When the universe ends there will be no genes...There will be no energy... No sun. Nothing. Therefore following even our evolved predisposition to spread our genes, means nothing. It is itself a bad joke. Genes came together and those that lead to improvement survived. Ever increasing complexity, led to greater improvements. Niches were filled. Resources exploited. All to propagate genes. And finally natural selection was itself overcome and out evolved by our technical prowess. Technological evolution has been the greatest driving force in our development. Your purpose in life is to propagate. And yet, there it is, a futile task and one with no underlying intelligence.

Read the rest of the story here...

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