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Killer Kloud Katastrophe

According to an article over at the BBC, the worst natural disaster to hit the UK in recent memory, was caused by an eruption of an Icelandic volcano in the year 1783. Apparently a huge toxic killer cloud covered much of Britain and Western Europe, killing thousands if not hundreds of thousands. An extract:

In total, he estimates Laki's killer cloud took the lives of 23,000 British men and women, making it the greatest natural disaster in modern British history. France and other countries were similarly hit. And it could happen again. Iceland has 18 volcanoes that have been active in recent centuries, the greatest concentration anywhere on the planet. "There will be another one," says leading vulcanologist Professor Stephen Self, of the Open University, who has studied the Laki eruption.

As if we don't have enough to worry about, this very real threat has killed before and will no doubt kill again. I say it often, but if it isn't killer asteroids, or killer volcanoes, one way or another we're all going to die. Let's hope that we get a chance to live out our lives before the next really big catastrophe occurs. Fingers crossed! :)

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