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Douglas Adams Understood

Investigating StumbleUpon, I happened upon an interview with one of my boyhood heroes, Douglas Adams. I've read Hitchhiker's Guide a few times and his Dirk Gently detective novels are equally existential. So I was pleased to read in his own words, how he came to be a radical atheist:

Sometime around my early thirties I stumbled upon evolutionary biology, particularly in the form of Richard Dawkins’s books The Selfish Gene and then The Blind Watchmaker and suddenly (on, I think the second reading of The Selfish Gene) it all fell into place. It was a concept of such stunning simplicity, but it gave rise, naturally, to all of the infinite and baffling complexity of life. The awe it inspired in me made the awe that people talk about in respect of religious experience seem, frankly, silly beside it. I'd take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day.

Douglas, I understand exactly how you felt! I think I may even have been inspired to attempt to finish the Hitchhiker's text adventure. Now where was I? >put babel fish in ear

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