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Deaf, Dumb, Blind and Paralysed

More thoughts: A congenitally blind person will never have a visual experience. A congenitally deaf person will never have an auditory experience.

What about a baby that is born deaf, blind and paralysed (with no conscious control over any part of its body so that it is mute and couldn't even tap out a message). Could it ever become human? If its organs still functioned and grew, but it had no way of learning anything, wouldn't it just remain a helpless vegetable?

Even if you could read its brain waves and work out how it felt, how would you get information back into the brain?

So again, I identify an animal which is not capable of thought and consciousness like you or I. Human beings require software upgrades. Genie was denied them. This hypothetical child has no way of downloading them. The result is the same though.

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