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Atheist Call To Arms

It seems to me that the great struggle to come is in convincing everybody that there is no god. That we, atheists, must anticipate a time when theism is eradicated from the human mindset.

Today much human effort is dedicated to utterly pointless theistic pursuits. There are many problems in the world and either we choose not to participate at all or we should try and change things for the better (if only to prevent those who believe in god dictating things to those of us who don't). Religion only serves to divide and destroy us. People need to be told that we are all 100th cousins. But people will not be willingly told that there is no god. There will be no proof to satisfy all. This is due however, to a misunderstanding of the problem. People just do not understand randomness. They think that the things they see, the universe around them, was designed for them. It was not. There is no possibly, maybe, just might be so. There is no design. Evolution provides that answer. But if people will not willingly accept the truth, what to do? Science must utilise its significant lobbying power and direct opinion in favour of removing religious education from school and ensuring honest scientific answers about the universe are instilled in every child.

There is little chance that believing in god will ever be made illegal. It could, however, become unfashionable. This will happen slowly and will only occur when technological advances have improved living conditions for every human (and eradicated many of the problems that we face today). Perhaps it will take many thousands of years, when man has fled the solar system in search of pastures new. There is however a problem with the waiting game. Human civilsations are notoriously fragile things and there are plenty of natural and man-made disasters to befall the human race in the future. If we wait for humans to stop believing in god, we may go extinct before it occurs. For that reason alone, it is worth trying to change the world now. We humans need to begin changing the way we think about the purpose of life. We need to stop thinking that god will reward us in another life and we need to attempt to have the best time we all can have, in the only one we get.

This then, is a call to arms for atheists. It is not enough just to know there is no god. But we must act on that knowledge to begin to change the world.

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