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Misery in the Brain of the Earth Ape


The title of this essay is a play on the very first post of this blog: “Happiness in the Belly of the Space Whale”, an essay written over a decade ago to convey my thoughts on the nature of existence. This is to some degree an update or addendum ...

Metamorphosis Complete

The question "Is this all?" has troubled countless unsatisfied minds throughout the ages, and, at the end of our tether, as it seems, here it is, still baffling but persistent.

To such discomfited minds the world of our everyday reality is no more than a more or less entertaining or ...

G + Lambda g = 8 pi T

The Wall & A Hunger Artist

Two short stories to consider:

The Wall by Jean-Paul Sartre


A Hunger Artist by Franz Kafka

The Ape That Got Lucky

Mathematics & Madness

I cobbled together this clip from two films that I watched in the same week. The first part is a snippet from a BBC documentary called 'Dangerous Knowledge', about the work and fate of four very important scientists. From the BBC website:

In this one-off documentary, David Malone looks at ...

The Organism that Started it All

A Lesson In Pessimism: Part II

Granting the strong points in the pessimists’ claims, it is still possible to detect certain confusions and dubious inferences in their arguments. To begin with, there is a very obvious inconsistency in the way writers like Darrow and Tolstoy arrive at the conclusion that death is better than life. They ...

Dawkins Vs the Cannonball

A Lesson In Pessimism: Part I

A while back, I was browsing through the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, when I happened upon a short section called 'Life, Meaning and Value of'. Lo and behold, it is a detailed rebuttal to the position to which I seem to have become entrenched - that is, it is a discussion ...